The Road Ahead and the Past Behind

Have you ever thought about the function and benefit of a rearview mirror? There have been many times when I was driving and I glanced up to look at the rearview mirror only to find that there was a car there that I did not know had creeped up on me. Sometimes I’m startled by this realization and sometimes I’ve totally expected it. Either way it was good to know. A couple of times I’ve come to a stop light and as I was slowing down I noticed in the rearview mirror that the person behind me wasn’t breaking quickly enough. In order to avoid getting hit I pulled onto the shoulder to give the person behind me more room. However, as beneficial as it can be, I’ve also caught myself staring too long and next thing I know I’ve swerved into the other lane or onto the shoulder. Not good!

Our lives can kind of be like this too. While it’s good to take a look at our past we need to keep it in proper perspective. In order to move forward safely we have to keep our eyes on the road ahead. Sure, take a look into the rearview mirror and quickly evaluate your past but don’t stare too long. When we have the wrong focus we can get caught up staring into the past and wind up overcome by guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety and next thing you know you’ve driven off course. Also, don’t ignore what you see but evaluate it and make adjustments as needed. Just like when someone’s coming up behind me too fast and I need to make a move to keep from getting hit, evaluating your past can help you make an adjustment but you have to evaluate and turn your eyes back to the road ahead.

Wishing you safe travels as you glance to the rearview mirror but keep your focus on the road ahead.

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