Trauma Counseling

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Have you experienced trauma in your life?

Are you struggling to move forward because of traumatic experiences you have had? Maybe you are avoiding situations or places that trigger bad memories. Is your life lacking joy because you feel numb? Are you always preparing for the worst? Are you easily startled or having bad dreams? Do you struggle to trust others because of the trauma you have experienced? Do you feel like you are on high alert and can't get your mind to settle down? Do you anger easily in order to protect yourself from being hurt again? Whether you have PTSD, have experienced a traumatic event, or are dealing with an accumulation of smaller traumas, trauma counseling can help.

There are different types of trauma?

You may question if your experience(s) qualify as trauma. Today more and more people have become aware of PTSD and know that a big single event trauma can leave lasting scars. Events such as those faced by veterans, or first responders are often the first things that come to mind. Other traumatic events can include a crash, accident, house fire, death of a loved one, or being witness to such an event. These single events can cause PTSD or other trauma responses and can make it difficult to move forward in life.

Other times, trauma is complex as traumatic experiences in life, family, and relationships happen over an extended period of time. Events such as domestic violence, family conflict or dysfunction, emotional abuse, physical abuse, toxic relationships, or prolonged stress may indicated that you have experienced complex trauma.

Impact of trauma:

Emotional dysregulation - difficulty regulating emotions such as anger, anxiety, guilt, sadness, and shame. Sometimes we develop unhealthy habits to attempt to deal with these emotions that seem out of control or unwanted.

Numbness - a disconnectedness from our emotions. Sometimes we become numb to any emotions. This may make it difficult to experience happiness or joy. It is as if you turned off all your emotions so you do not have to experience the negative one.

Hyper-arousal or hyper-vigilance - your body's attempt to remain aware of any perceived threats. This can cause increased fear or anxiety responses. It can also create physical responses such as stress, tension, headaches and stomach aches.

Thought processing errors - misinterpretations of events or yourself as a result of the event. You may begin questioning yourself, doubting your abilities, experience thoughts of guilt or shame, and can make it difficult to settle your mind and relax.

Many people experience trauma

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, "In the United States, 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women report exposure to at least one lifetime traumatic event". A significant focus the past several years has been on Adverse Childhood Experiences and we know that survivors of childhood trauma are much more likely to have a range of problems in adulthood. Trauma informed care is know to be effective in helping you understand the impact of life long experiences have had on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. LifeWorks Resources offers trauma counseling and is ready to help you make progress in life.

Trauma counseling can help you relax and recover

Trauma counseling can help you realize you are not alone on your journey. You can learn skills to help you deal with symptoms when they arise and to overcome thoughts that you may have about the event or events. You will be able to talk openly about the thoughts and feelings you are having without any judgement. We will support you and work with you to help you restore peace after the trauma. The American Psychological Association notes that, "The good news is, research has shown that psychological interventions can help prevent these long-term, chronic psychological consequences." At LifeWorks Resources our staff has worked with many people who have experienced trauma and seen them make great improvements in their lives.

What to expect in trauma counseling

In trauma counseling we want to hear about your journey, your successes, and you struggles. We will work with you to develop a plan to move forward. You will learn new skills and techniques to overcome the thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms you may be experiencing. In follow up sessions we will move beyond coping skills to get to the core of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to help you discover true healing from the trauma(s) you have experience. At LifeWorks Resources you will have a safe place to be open and honest about where you are.

We understand the important role that your faith can play in your healing process. Our staff will work with you to explore your core beliefs and how they can shape the way that you interpret and perceive your experiences. We are hear to listen to your unique journey and help you discover how God has worked in and through you in the past and discover restoration and healing moving forward.

Are you thinking trauma treatment might help but still have questions?

Will I have to relive my experiences?
Our professional staff will work with you to create a safe place to be honest about your experiences. You have the right to talk about what you want and to not talk about things you are not ready to tell. We will work with you at a pace and timing that is comfortable for you. We will help you learn how to express yourself and cope with any emotions that may arise. We work for you and understand that your journey is unique. LifeWorks Resources is a safe place for you to truly be you.

Will trauma counseling be worth the hard work?
Many people say that they started experiencing some relief just by scheduling their first appointment. Everyone needs help at times and many start to feel that relief knowing that they have a safe place to talk about their struggles. It is not necessarily hard work but is more like a journey where you can experience relief and walk at a pace you are comfortable with. You may be thinking I don't know what to say. That is normal and our professional therapists will talk with you and help you begin to process your current struggles and life experiences. Trauma counseling is definitely worth the investment you are making in yourself.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

At LifeWorks Resources our professional therapists are interested in hearing about your unique life experiences and are sensitive to the hurts that you may have experienced. We want to help you move beyond learning coping skills to finding true joy, peace, and hope. We know that it can be a scary first step and have seen the success people have discovered through the journey. We know that God has a plan for your life and has created you in unique ways that can help you better understand your journey and his story in your life.

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You can overcome!

Thank you for your courage and strength in considering help for your journey. Our staff are ready and eager to learn more about you. If you have questions about trauma counseling give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.