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Has Stress Become Overwhelming in Your Life?

Are you overwhelmed by the stress of today's world? Do daily life tasks stress you out? Are family relationships and friends ships struggling because of the stress you are experiencing? Do you struggle to focus on things you want to get done because of the stress? Maybe you are beating yourself up because you feel like others are handling things better than you. Perhaps you are thinking about stress at work, home, or relationships so much that it is difficult to get things done. If you experiencing stress that is causing problems for you then counseling may be helpful for you.

Many People Struggle with Stress and How to Manage Stress.

Although everyone experiences some level of stress, there are times when it becomes more problematic. The American Psychological Association notes a large percentage of people experience extreme stress and that the number is increasing. "These findings are indicative of a serious trend that could have long-term consequences on people’s health." Extreme stress can cause problems in relationships, work productivity, daily life functioning, and physical and mental health. Maybe you find yourself at a place in life where your stress seems unmanageable or you recognize that it is becoming a problem and want to get a jump start on making some changes.

With the right support and guidance you can learn to find relief and find new ways to not only deal with stress but even prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by it. Therapists at LifeWorks Resources can help you learn to recognize signs and symptoms and give you confidence to be able to manage life in more healthy ways.

Stress Impacts Our Daily Lives and Health.

Relationships, money, work, other health problems, and the many tasks of daily life can become overwhelming at times. When this happens and you enter into more extreme levels of stress, there are consequences your body, mind, and emotions. You may become more easily frustrated or begin to lose your patience more frequently. It can cause you to lose energy to do the things that you enjoy. Many people either lose interest in eating healthy or overeat as a way to manage stress. Others find it more difficult to sleep or have restless nights of sleep. You may find it harder to focus on tasks and feel like your mind races from one thing that needs to be done to another, making hard to complete tasks at home or work. Stress can cause headaches and stomach aches and some experience difficulty remembering things. Psychology Today notes that stress increases cortisol in our body and "…elevated cortisol levels interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease…". There is hope and relief that can be found in therapy at LifeWorks Resources.

Cortisol is often referred to as our body's stress hormone. It helps gear us up for the fight that we feel we need to engage in. However, when we do not learn how to get cortisol out of our system then it lingers and can cause problems with memory, learning, lower our immune system, and cause other physical symptoms like increased blood pressure.

Stress Management Therapy Can Help You Find Relief.

Through counseling at LifeWorks Resources you can find relief and learn new ways to manage your stress. Sometimes we fall into unhealthy habits and can learn new healthier ways. Sometimes stress puts us into fight, flight, or freeze modes. When this happens our mind and body has difficulty resolving the problem or recognizing when things are out of our control. When you encounter stressful thoughts they "have a 90-second shelf-life biochemically." This means that when you don't know how or struggle to get your mind off the stress it continues to remain and have an impact on your mind and body. Therapists at LifeWorks Resources can help you learn how to manage these thoughts and learn new ways of thinking about the stressful events in your life. Sometimes it may be that you feel like you have tried to control your thoughts and engage in healthier habits but need support in following through and being consistent.

We understand that for many people their faith is an important part of their life and maybe you even feel guilty for the stress you are experiencing. Sometimes, friends and family may say things that make you feel like your reaction to stress shows a lack of faith. We understand these struggles and will help you explore how your faith can make you stronger and move away from the self-defeating guilt that you may be feeling. Christian counseling at LifeWorks Resources may be able to help you gain greater understanding about your thoughts and feelings as they relate to your beliefs.

What to Expect in Stress Management Counseling.

At LifeWorks Resources our counselors understand that the stress you are experiencing is unique to your story and situation. We never assume that everyone is the same and know that there you have many unique experiences and relationships. We want to hear about the successes that you have had and learn more about your unique struggles in today's life. We know that your family situation and dynamics are unique and you have many pressures on the time that you have. Our therapists will work with you to learn about your unique journey and help you find healthy ways to cope with the stress you are experiencing. In the initial sessions we will listen and explore ways that your unique story is impacting your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and work with you to find solutions that work for you. In follow up sessions we will listen and work with you to find what is working and what is not working so that you can move forward to find relief, peace, and happiness in your life and your relationships.

Are You Thinking About Counseling To Help You Manage Stress But Still Have Questions?

Shouldn't I be able to manage stress on my own?
Many people struggle with extreme stress and you are not the first or the last person to seek outside help. We frequent remind people that "sometimes, despite our best efforts, we all need help". As many as 30% of people experience extreme stress at any given point in time. You are not alone in this and you do not have to try to power through on your own. We are here to help.

Will insurance cover counseling for stress?
In most cases insurance will cover counseling when you are experiencing extreme stress. Counselors call this having an Adjustment Disorder. Most insurance companies recognize this because of the enormous impact stress has our both our mental and physical health.

I'm not sure I have a problem but other people in my life want me to seek help.
Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize when your stress has become unmanageable. Often, the people closest to us are able to recognize small changes in our attitude, focus, patience, and behaviors. Sometimes it is helpful to listen to the people who care about us most and explore the possible impact that stress is having on our life and relationships.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

At LifeWorks Resources our professional therapists are interested in hearing about your unique life journey and are not judgmental about the stress that you may have experienced. We want to help you move beyond learning coping skills to finding true relief, peace, and patience. We know that it can be a difficult first step and have seen the joy people have discovered through the journey. We know that God has a purpose for your life and has created you in unique ways that can help you better understand your journey and his story in your life.

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You can overcome!

Thank you for your perseverance and strength in considering help for your journey. Our staff are ready and eager to learn more about you. If you have questions about stress management counseling give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.