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Are you worried about your teenager and not sure where to turn?

Has your teenager's behavior or mood changed and your not sure what is going on? Do they seem more isolated or less interested in doing things they used to enjoy? Are you worried about the choices your teenager is making? Are you concerned they might be depressed or anxious? Are you worried about their struggles with school?

As a parent, it can be difficult to navigate the teenage years. Sometimes, it may seem like they do not want to talk to you or they have trouble expressing their emotions. They might be taking risks with their choices that you are not comfortable with or choosing friends you think are not a good influence.

The teenage years can be difficult for any young person

The teenage years are difficult enough as they struggle to learn who they are and want to more independent. They are bombarded with more information today than ever before. Their access to social media and technology not only gives them more access to information, but it can seem to replace real connections. This can create increased anxiety and depression, or cause mood swings that can be hard for them to understand. These difficulties often leave parents feeling helpless or like you are getting onto them all the time. Teen counseling can help to restore hope and peace.

Teenagers and Stress

Teenager are prone to experience more stress as they navigate social relationships, friendships, and dating relationships. The stress of school both socially and academically can make it difficult for them to make wise decisions. As they progress through the teen years there is pressure toward their future and the options and decisions can seem overwhelming.

With their access to technology, teenagers relate differently than they used to; relying more heavily on text messaging and other messaging apps. This confronts them with temptations that their developing brain has difficulty processing. As a parent it can be hard to relate to the new struggles that teenager are facing.

Teen counseling can help them gain understanding of themselves, their choices, and the emotions that they are experiencing.

You and your teenager are not alone in these struggles

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, as many as 49.5% of 13 to 18 year olds have struggled with a mental health problem. As a parent it can be hard to know if your teenager's behavior and mood are a normal part of development or if they are having deeper struggles. With the temptations and stressors that teenager are faced with today it is no wonder that teenagers are struggling with depression, anxiety, behavior problems, difficulty concentrating, and trouble with relationships. Teen counseling can provide insight and help to both your teenager and you as the parent.

You and your teenager can experience peace through teen counseling

There is hope for you and your teenager! The National Institute of Mental Health notes "…the earlier treatment is started, the more effective it can be. Early treatment can help prevent more severe, lasting problems as a child grows up".

Teen therapy can help your teenager further develop their identity and begin to explore their thoughts, emotions, and choices. In the safe place of our office your teen can express themselves without having to filter their responses or worry about getting in trouble for what they are thinking. It allows them a place to really open up and begin to explore their lives on a deeper level. They can explore problems that they are facing with complete honesty about their thoughts and choices they may be considering. They can continue to explore how their beliefs shape their choices and help them gain confidence in their decisions. Not only will they be able to learn how to deal with the symptoms they are experience from anxiety, depression, stress, school pressures, peer pressure, or relationship decision, but they can learn to dig deeper to the root of the issues and concerns. Teen counseling can help them learn how to make healthy choices and improve their satisfaction with their life. Also, teen counseling can help you, the parent, have confidence that your teenager is getting wise counsel and is truly confronting their struggles.

What to expect in teen counseling

In the first meeting we invite parents to talk with the teen about what the parent is observing and concerned about. Sometimes, parents want to talk with the therapist alone to start the first session and we can make that happen as well. In some instance the parents and teens have already talked about what is going on and the teenager wants to get started one-on-one. We will work with you to fit your unique situation.

During our follow up sessions you are welcome to give an update about how things are going and we will work with you to help your teenager. With your teen we will further celebrate what is working for them and explore things they are still struggling with. We will continue working on their goals and work to get to the root causes that may be causing problems. In teen counseling we will continue to explore their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and identity development.

Our professional therapists have years of experience working with and talking to teenagers. We have some families become better at working together and teens gain greater understanding into their own lives and development. Teens can learn to navigate the stressors of modern teenage life with confidence, greater peace, and satisfaction.

You may be considering counseling for your teen but still have questions…

"What if he/she won't talk?"
We understand that every teenager is different and that it can be uncomfortable talking to a stranger at first. Our professional staff are compassionate and are talented at being able to work with teens by meeting where they are at in their journey. We are patient and work to create a safe environment for your teenager to open up and begin to be honest with themselves about their thoughts, feelings, and situations.

"I feel like I should be able to handle this myself as a parent."
We believe that despite our best efforts we all need a little help. Seeking help for your teenager is not a sign of failure but rather a courageous step to helping them navigate the unique stressors that today's teenagers have to face. We are here to help and be a kind and compassionate, safe place for them to open up and for you, the parent, to seek guidance as well.

"Will counseling really help my teenager?"
Life experiences during the teenage years can have a lasting impact on their lives and their relationships with family members. We have seen teenagers improve their lives, learn better ways to cope with their unique stressors and experiences, and seen relationships with parents improve as a result of teen counseling. While some stressors and reactions may be a part of normal development, other times that can be signs and symptoms of larger issues like depression and anxiety. We can help you and your teenager navigate and distinguish between the different issues.

Why LifeWorks Resources?

We have professional, experienced staff that are deeply interested in connecting with your teenager so they have a safe place to be transparent about the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Being in a non-judgmental environment helps them to explore their own lives and discover their unique journey.

In teen counseling we understand the unique role that faith plays in a teenagers development and the foundation that it provides to families. We work with the family to make sure that your teenager is receiving wise counsel and is encouraged to explore the role that their faith plays in the day to day lives.

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We are here for you and your teenager

At LifeWorks Resources, our professional staff are ready and excited to work with you and your teenager. We want to hear your teen's story and how they perceive the world around them. If you have questions about teen counseling give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.