Marriage Counseling

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Is there something "off" about your relationship?

Are you and your spouse struggling to connect with one another? Do arguments seem to escalate too quickly? Do you have trouble having deep conversations with each other? Sometimes does it feel like you are closer to being roommates? Do you wish that there was deeper intimacy in the relationship? Perhaps you have had difficulties in the relationship that you can not seem to resolve.

Some marriages experience infidelity and lost trust, or traumatic events that you can seem to talk through. Other stressors like, money, family relationships, in-laws, or conflicts about kids, can lead to misunderstanding, arguments, or even silence.

Old patterns and habits or being stuck in life's routine can create complacency

In today's culture it seems like we are confronted with more and more stressors and pressures. Sometimes you may feel like you do not have enough quality time together and aren't sure how you can even fit that into your schedules. Throughout life transitions it may seem like you are drifting apart from each other. Many couples worry that they may not ever be able to feel connected to each other again. Often bad habits from early in the marriage may have been easily overlooked but as time goes on they have become more troublesome.

When problems have come up and both people are in pain, you may feel like your spouse no longer wants to truly listen to your viewpoint. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to listen to the pain your spouse is experiencing because you know you caused it and just want to forget it and move forward. The old scars of hurt can easily be torn back open and you may find it difficult to talk to your spouse about your thoughts and feelings.

When trust is broken you may feel like you will never be able to trust your spouse again. If you caused the break in trust you may feel like you can't do anything right anymore. As a couple you feel like you can't talk about these issues because it just hurts your spouse to talk about your viewpoint.

Marriage counseling can help you identify these areas and help both spouses be able to listen and be heard.

Couples sometimes need an adjustment

The marriage relationships is deeply important. You may feel like you have gotten into a rut or that you are drifting apart. Marriages go through all kinds of changes and have a combination of shared experiences and individual experiences that cause changes in each person and the relationship. Maybe you have experienced positive changes but are having trouble adjusting as a couple. Maybe you have had stressful or event traumatic events happened and you are not sure how to work through them. Couples counseling can help both people process through their thoughts and emotions and learn to work together to reconnect.

Marriage counseling can help you reconnect, respect, and value one another

Far too often couples feel like they are not truly heard by their spouse. Perhaps there seem to be too many misunderstandings in the relationship. These times of not feeling like your spouse truly hears and understands you can cause distance in the relationship. In marriage counseling you can learn to truly listen to one another and create less distance. In fact, you can gain relational intimacy in your relationship.

Maybe you feel like you are having trouble respecting one another. Couples counseling can help you reconnect the love you once felt for one another and learn to appreciate one another again. At LifeWorks Resources we will help you reconnect, respect, and value one another so that you can not only reconcile but move the relationship to a deeper level.

What to expect in marriage counseling

Sometimes in couples counseling one individual is worried that they will be the target and everything will be blamed on them. At LifeWorks Resources our professional staff know that true reconciliation requires both people to make changes to make the relationship work. We know that it can be difficult to open up to a counselor about the deep intimate parts of the marriage. We are hear to help and we want to hear your story.

In the initial session we want to hear everyone's story and work with you to decide what you want to work on in marriage counseling. In each session you will have things on work on individually and as a couple. Our professional staff with work with you to create opportunities to listen each other and make sure your voice is heard by your spouse. In follow up sessions we will celebrate your successes and continue working on things you want to change in yourself and your relationship.

Are you thinking about marriage counseling but still have questions…

Does marriage counseling really work?
At LifeWorks Resources we have seen many couples reconcile and improve their relationship through marriage counseling. Our professional staff understand that each relationship has a unique story and will work with you to create solutions that work for you and your situation. We work with you to create changes that you can actually put into practice at home.

How long will we need to be in marriage counseling?
The amount of time spent in couples counseling is different for each couple. We will work with you on a schedule that works for you. Often it is helpful for couples to come more frequently at first so that each session is spent on getting to core solutions rather than just putting out fires. After some success, then many couples will come less frequently until it is no longer needed.

What if my spouse is reluctant to come?
Sometimes one person may be more skeptical and that is normal. It can be difficult to come and talk to a professional about struggles. We will work so that both people feel listened to and heard. Our professional staff will work with you to talk about any concerns and be patient with you to work through those concerns.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

Our professional staff is ready to listen to your unique story and work with you to restore and improve your relationship. At LifeWorks Resources we value marriage and believe that it is important for the family. We will work with you to understand your beliefs and values, including your spiritual faith, and work to restore hope in each other. We know that far too often couples have a hard time implementing changes talked about in sessions to their home life and will work with you to make changes that are unique for your relationship and home life. Most couples do not really like "homework" so we work with you to create experiences and changes that will matter for you in your relationship and your home.

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You can rekindle your marriage

A happy, healthy marriage is possible and we have seen may couples make great improvements in themselves and their relationship. If you have questions about marriage counseling give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.