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Are depression symptoms making your days more difficult?

Are you feeling unmotivated some or most days? Are you struggling to find happiness or joy? Have you stopped doing things that you used to enjoy? Do you sometimes become tearful for no reason? Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Does thinking about getting through the day just seem hopeless or like you know you won't get done what you want? Maybe you feel like you just don't feel anything. Maybe you feel like you've been this way for a long time or maybe you're not sure when it started. Do you wish you could just feel better and begin to enjoy life a little more? You may be suffering from a form of depression.

What is depression?

Depression is more than just feeling down or having a sad day. Depression affects multiple areas of life.  Sometimes depression doesn’t seem to have an immediate reason while other times the overwhelming sadness of an event seems to hang over us for too long. If it started with a specific even and now that event is over and you still feel down or depressed, you may be suffering from depression. Depression treatment can help with many different forms of depression.

Signs and Symptoms

Here are some signs and symptoms of depression:

Physical/Emotional Signs

  • Tiredness
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Not wanting to eat or over eating
  • Losing interest in activities and/or people
  • Feeling worthless
  • Feeling emptiness




  • Everything is hopeless
  • It’s all my fault
  • Everything goes wrong
  • I want to run away
  • Not wanting to start activities or responsibilities (“I don’t want to get out of bed”)
  • I don’t want to take care of myself today (self-neglect)
  • I don’t want to be around anyone

Do you feel isolated?

Depression can lead to isolation and make it difficult to talk to family or friends. Often the "social connections" of social media can give you the false impression of being connected. Sometimes when you are around other people you may still feel lonely. Many times when you feel isolated it is because you do not want to be a burden to the people closest to you and worry about their reaction. Others often do not know what to say and may actually say things that make you feel worse. They may tell you to just pray more or read more or be more social so you can feel better. Although you may have tried these things, you do not seem to be getting any better. Sometimes the people around you can't understand why you seem ok one day and the next day do not want to do anything. Through depression treatment you can regain hope and learn how to respond to those closest to you.

Do you lack motivation?

One of the most difficult things about depression is the lack of motivation. Everyone has experienced times when they are faced with an activity, for example going out with friends, and thought to themselves “I don’t really want to go…I’m too tired…It’s been a really long week”. When someone is depressed, they may go through this process with every decision and it is very exhausting. All of this then affects quality of life and relationships. Depression treatment can help you improve your motivation.

You are not alone in your struggle with depression?

Many people struggle with depression at some point in their lives. The National Institute Mental Health notes "An estimated 17.3 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode" in the past year. Depression is one of the most common reasons that people seek help through depression therapy. More and more people are beginning to talk about their struggle with depression and helping to reduce the stigma around seeking help.

Sometimes we all need a little help

Sometimes people feel like they should be able to choose to be happier. Maybe you feel like there are things in your life you should be happy about but aren't. But there are many reasons you may feel this way like genetics, early life experiences, trauma, trouble getting your thoughts together, or losses you may have experienced. Depression treatment is the first step in getting the help we all need.

Untreated depression can cause other health problems as well. There is a significant link between gut health and depression. The lack of motivation you feel may make it more difficult to eat health or exercise. Lack of sleep or oversleeping can be both a cause and a symptom of your depression and makes it more difficult to find satisfaction in life. Untreated depression also impacts your closest relationships and friendships. Seeking help through depression treatment can help improve your motivation to make healthy choices, improve your relationships, and help you find joy in life.

There is help through depression treatment

The CDC says this about depression therapy: “Many people benefit from psychotherapy—also called therapy or counseling.” Natural holistic approaches, medications, behavior changes, and changes in thinking can all be helpful tools as well. Counseling for depression can help you explore all of these options and look at areas of your life that may be contributing to the problem. And sometimes, we just need a caring person who knows how to listen, encourage, and help us process things.

At LifeWorks Resources, our compassionate staff are ready to hear your story and help you with your depression treatment. We can help you work through your distressing beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and symptoms so that you can find joy and satisfaction in your life.

What to expect in depression treatment

In depression treatment we want to hear your story. We will listen to how depression is impacting your life and talk about what you want to get out of therapy. There are many different approaches to therapy and we will work with you to find what works best. We want you to not only learn how to improve your symptoms but help you get to the root causes of your depression.

In follow up sessions we will work you to celebrate your success and find out what things may not be working so we can make changes together. We will help you learn how your beliefs and thoughts are affecting your emotions and help you find greater satisfaction in life. In depression treatment you can go beyond symptoms to really finding your joy and hope.

You may feel that depression treatment would help but still have questions…

"I feel embarrassed talking about my problems?"
Many people feel ashamed for seeking help and have difficulty opening up. We know that it can be difficult to talk about problems. Seeking help is often the hardest step and it can be very rewarding and beneficial. Our compassionate and professional therapists are serious about investing in you and your unique journey.

"What will my family think about me seeking help?"
Often times people worry about what other people will think when they seek help. Maybe you are worried about what a spouse, kids, or coworkers may think. Our services are completely confidential and we find that when people are ready to tell loved ones, they often receive compliments for having the courage to seek help. Many of our clients have referred friends and family as well because of the help they received in depression treatment.

"What about medication?"
Medication can be helpful for some people and others find that they can reach their goals without the help of medication. Although we do not prescribe medication we can work with your medical doctor, with your permission, to help coordinate care and make sure you are getting the help that you need. If medication is not the right option for you, then that is ok too. At LifeWorks Resources, we are here to work for and with you for the best outcomes and the best approach for your unique journey.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

We have professional staff that are deeply interested in hearing your journey and helping you in a non-judgmental environment. We have seen many people make large improvements in their lives through our depression treatment. We go beyond just working on improving symptoms to helping you understand the root causes and make healthy changes that work in your unique story.

Many people want their faith included as part of their counseling journey and we can help you explore how your faith and your practices impact your day to day life. We can help you explore your beliefs, thoughts, and practices and incorporate those in your depression treatment.

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We Want to Hear Your Story

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