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Do You Struggle With Focus or Attention?

Are you frustrated with getting off track? Do you have a child or teen who struggles to focus in school? Maybe you or your child/teen has trouble with slowing down. Do you struggle to complete tasks at work? Does your child/teen struggle to get work done at school or home? Is forgetfulness a problem? Maybe others are frustrated with you and the some of these symptoms that you have. Do you or your child/teen get frustrated easily? Maybe your child/teen gets emotional at simple things and seems to overreact. Are you tired from trying different options to control yourself or your child/teen? We are here to help by providing ADHD treatment, ADHD testing, and ADHD counseling!

Many People Have Different Types of ADHD

There are different types of ADHD and brain scans have shown that different types are because different parts of the brain are affected. The main symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The symptoms you or your child/teen have may be different than others who have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). You may also see it referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder). This is because there are three main types according to the DSM - inattention, hyperactive, or both combined. Even with these three main types of your experience may be different from others. For kids, most will not diagnosis this before the age of 6 due to developmental and social changes that happen in the early years. ADHD assessment can help know if it is the right diagnosis and ADHD treatment can help.

Sometimes Family and Friends May Not Understand

Has someone told you your just don't listen? Maybe they think you just do not want to do what was asked. Or maybe you have heard (or said to your child/teen), "How did you not see it? You walked right past it!" It is hard for others to understand or know how your brain works and operates differently than theirs.

You may have tried to just focus harder or pay more attention or be more motivated, but these efforts feel short. Maybe you get tired and it seems like a constant battle. This can add to the frustration for yourself and others do not understand the mental effort you have put in. Maybe your child has come home from school and just seems to be out-of-control. They have spent their day at school trying to mentally control themselves and are now too tired to keep up the battle. Maybe you feel this way after work.

We can help by providing ADHD treatment, ADHD testing, and ADHD counseling.

Many People Struggle With Some Form of ADHD

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, as many as 11% of kids between ages 4-17, 8.7% of teens 13-18, and 8.1% of adults have been diagnosed with ADHD. Everyone has many roles and responsibilities to juggle through the day and ADHD can make these more difficult to accomplish. It can also cause frustrations in relationships with family and friends.

It is possible to get help and for symptoms and for relationships to improve!! It is also interesting to note that although it is referred to as an "attention deficit" this may not be an accurate representation. Most people can take all of the stimulus around them and weed out what is important and what does not truly matter. For most with ADHD this is much more difficult. All the stimuli seem important and so they are overloaded with the information and possible options. Decisions can be more difficult to make and it is easier to get distracted when the slight noise behind you or your child/teen seem equally as important as the person talking to you.

We understand and have the experience to help!

ADHD Treatment, ADHD Assessment (ADHD Testing), ADHD Counseling, ADHD Medication Are All Possible Options To Help

They main thing to remember is that there is hope! Things can get better and there are options to help you succeed. We have a variety of professional and clinical options to help you and/or your child/teen.

ADHD Assessment (testing):

We offer an FDA Approved ADHD test for adults, children, and teens that can provide a proven method to help determine if ADHD is the right diagnosis. We combine this test with clinical interview to make sure we have a full picture and report of symptoms and the to provide the best treatment approach.

ADHD Counseling:

We have trained professional counselor who have years and many clinical hours of experience working with children, teens, and adults who have struggle with different forms of ADHD. We can listen to what has been tried and explore new ways of dealing with and overcoming symptoms and improving relationships.

ADHD Medication:

We have a Physician Assistant who can evaluate and discuss medication options to see if it may be beneficial for you, your child, and/or your teen. While many know about stimulants and worry about the addictive properties, there are also non-stimulant medication options as well! We want to reduce the risk of addiction and help to create the right plan for you.

We are in-network with almost all commercial insurance and Medicaid (TNCare)!

What to Expect From ADHD Treatment

We know the frustrations and difficulties that many have experienced for themselves and as parents. We are here to listen and provide a variety of options that best fit the needs for you and/or your family. We can meet with you to help you decide where to start or maybe you have tried many options and know which of the options you want to start with. If you have a counselor and want a medication evaluation, we can make that work and do not require you to switch counselors since you or your child have someone you already work with. We want the best option for your unique situation. Reach out to us and we can get you started on the path to success.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

We care and we are here to be your support through your ADHD treatment for you and/or your child/teen. Our professional, experienced staff are truly interested in hearing your unique story and partnering with you to make real progress and to overcome the struggles you have experienced. We will not push one option or require you to follow a predefined plan. We want to know what has worked, what hasn't, and what you want to do to move forward.

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You Can Find Freedom and Success for You and Your Relationships

At LifeWorks Resources we believe that everyone needs help at times and that help does not look the same for everyone. You do not have to struggle alone. If you have questions about ADHD treatment give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.