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Are you struggling because of a significant loss?

Has sadness, anger, numbness, and/or longing, made it more difficult to get through the day? Are you struggling to complete tasks or connect with friends and family because of the pain that you feel? Maybe the numbness makes you question why you are even trying. Are you struggling with regrets or guilt because of the loss? Maybe you feel guilty about new relationships because of your loss. Do you wish you could find peace while still feeling connected to the one you lost?

Grief can be extremely painful and cause a flood of other emotions such as anger, numbness, depression, loneliness, guilt, remorse, confusion, and many others. The loss can be trigger by the smallest things and sometimes you may not be able to identify what set your emotions off. Sometimes other issues in life or the history with the person lost can cause the grief to be more complicated. There is hope through grief counseling.

There is no one "right way" to grieve.

The difficult emotions of grief and knowing that experiencing loss is a part of life, people often ask "How should I grieve". Some friends and family may talk about the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, this is an overly simplistic explanation of grief and most people do not just progress through the so called "stages". First they are not really stages that people go through but rather a pinball machine of emotions that people bounce in and out of. There is not set timeframe to grieve. The journey is different for every person and each experience is unique. One day you may feel "normal" and the next seems like your emotions are out of control. Some people need to talk and others need to do things to help them through their grief. You may need someone to listen and not try to "fix" your grief.

Friends and family may try to offer words of encouragement but may actually say things that hurt or trigger other emotions. This is not their intention and you may know that, but struggle with how to best respond. Grief counseling can help you talk through these situations and learn how to respond in ways that strengthen relationships with those trying to help.

There are many different types of grief.

Grief is often talked about in relation to death but we can grieve over many different types of loss. Those around you may not understand the grief you are experiencing. Maybe it is due to the loss of a job, a relationship, a pet, or even the expectation of what life was "supposed to be" for you or a loved one. These may be difficult to process because it is hard to recognize them as grief. Maybe this is the type of grief you are experiencing.

A compassionate professional Christian counselor is ready to walk with you through your journey in grief counseling. We can help you explore difficult thoughts and emotions and help you find peace in the journey.

For some people grief may be so long lasting and severe that they have trouble resuming their own life. This is often call complicated grief or persistent complex bereavement disorder. Maybe you have experienced grief for so long that you are struggling to find hope of ever feeling better. Let us assure you that there is hope through grief counseling!

Sometimes grief is more complex because of unique circumstances in the relationship before the loss. For some that may be trauma that occurred or hurtful words that are left hanging. For other it may be that there was an extended time of caregiving before the loss and now there seems to be not purpose. There are many different unique factors that can cause grief to linger. Our compassionate therapists are hear to listen to the uniqueness of your story and help you through your specific journey.

Grief counseling can help you find peace and joy!

While loss of any kind can be especially painful, hope and healing are possible. You can adjust to a new normal and learn to achieve your goals after a significant loss. People may talk about "moving on" from your grief but it's really about learning to live with the grief you have experienced. It does not mean you have to stuff your thoughts and feelings or that you have to stop talking about what is important. It also doesn't mean forgetting the loss on the one you have lost. Grief counseling can help you learn to walk through the grief and experience the peace and joy in spite of your grief.

Christian counseling can help you process your beliefs and thoughts about life and death. The compassionate counselors at LifeWorks Resources are here to listen to your journey and struggles. We can help you make sense of the mixture of emotions and help you navigate your relationships. Sometimes it is just knowing you can have someone that will listen with out judgment or trying to fix your grief. While you may need help walking through your grief you are much, much, more than a broken thing to be fixed. We want you to feel and experience peace and joy as you learn to live with the loss you have experienced.

You may be considering grief counseling but still have questions…

Will talking about my loss cause me to feel worse?
While talking about your loss and the emotions you feel can be difficult, most people find that ignoring their feelings and thoughts or stuffing them actually causes more problems in their own life and their relationships. Grief counseling can help you unpack your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings as well as help you figure out what to do after you leave the counseling office.

Shouldn't I be able to get over grief by myself when it seem like everyone else does?
While it may seem that way, the truth is that many people need help walking through a significant loss. We understand that you may feel embarrassed about seeking help, and we're here to make the journey safe and work uniquely for you. You are not alone and many others have found help in grief counseling.

Can't I just talk to my friends about my loss?
You absolutely can and if they can help you process through your thoughts and feelings then that is a great support. You may find, however, that they do not know what to say or how to listen. You may find that you need professional help. We can talk with you about what support you have and how to best use that in your unique journey.

Why choose LifeWorks Resources?

At LifeWorks Resources our professional therapists are interested in hearing about your unique life journey and are sensitive to the loss that you have experienced. We want to listen to you to better understand your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. We know that it can be a difficult first step and have seen the success people have discovered through the grief counseling. We know that God wants you to experience joy again and we can help you better understand your journey and his story in your life.

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You can experience healing!

Thank you for your courage and strength in considering help for your grief walk. Our staff are ready and eager to learn more about you. If you have questions about grief counseling give us a call, text, or email, or if you are ready to take the next step you can also schedule your appointment online.