Anger Management Course (Online On-Demand)

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Anger Management
Do you struggle with anger? Have you had conflict that became aggressive or that you were not able the resolve? Maybe you have been involved with court and are required to take an anger management course. This course will provide you with the skills you need to learn to have more self-control and prevent angry outbursts. This course is appropriate for teens and adults.

This course is designed to provide individuals participating in the course with a summary of core concepts, worksheets to complete homework assignments, and quizzes to maximize learning. The concepts and skills presented in the anger management course are best learned by practice and review and by completing the homework assignments. This course will help you develop the skills that are necessary to successfully manage anger.

What Will You Learn?
1. Learn to manage anger effectively.
2. Learn where your anger originates and reduce its frequency.
3. Stop violence or the threat of violence.
4. Develop self-control over thoughts and actions.
5. Prevent how to prevent your own anger.

Course Content
Overview of Anger Management
Events and Cues
Anger Control Plans
The Aggression Cycle
Cognitive Restructuring
Review Session
Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Models
Anger and the Family
Wrap Up

8hr Course Online
Certificate of Completion after completing course and quizes.


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