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Are you thinking of starting or growing your private practice?

How do I start a private practice? How do I grow my private practice? Have you considered starting your own practice? Are you in practice but struggling to fill your schedule? Does it feel lonely trying to figure out what to do next? Perhaps you have a practice and are considering making it a group practice. Does the business aspect of private practice concern you? Have you looked online only to find a bunch of different articles on different sites but aren't sure how to wade through all of it?

You are not alone

Most people in private practice are clinicians not business majors. Maybe you feel like your clinical skills are excellent but the thought of 15business management causes anxiety. Most private practice owners have these same thoughts and anxieties. Most get excited about the possibilities but stress over the risk and costs that may be involved.

I had a business owner say once, "Its lonely at the top." This is how many entrepreneurs feel and private practice owners feel but it doesn't have to be that way.

How do you start a private practice? With a network and mentor it is easier and more enjoyable!
How do you grow a private practice? With a network and mentor it is possible!

Mentoring…not just resources

You can find a lot of information online about different aspects of building a practice. There are even some consulting groups that you can join for thousands of dollars. But affordable mentoring and networking can be difficult to find. Until now!

Mentoring allows you to have access to feedback, encouragement, and guidance in a way that is helpful and affordable. In the Private Practice Mentoring group you will also find a growing body of articles about the different aspects of private practice. You will learn more about the business side of private practice all in one place.

Regularly scheduled live video meetings allows you to work with Dr. Baldwin to discuss topics that are important to you. You can choose which video calls to join! Some calls will cover specific topics and some calls will be open discussion based on the people that decide to join in that day.

Networking with others on same journey allows you to get feedback and constructive criticism on ideas. It allows you to share your ideas with others and learn new ideas for other private practice owners. Private Practice Mentoring can help you avoid pitfalls and you can learn from the successes and mistakes of others.

Are you thinking private practice mentoring may be right for you but still have questions…

Will it be worth my investment of time and money?
Rather than setting up a consulting program that costs thousands of dollars, Private Practice Mentoring, provides both networking and mentoring at a cost that is affordable. The cost is low so that more private practice owners and entrepreneurs can join in on the network and the cost in time is completely flexible.

How long is the membership?
You can learn more about the specifics on the link below but it is a month to month commitment so you can decide how long you want to remain a part of the group.

What if I'm already in private practice?
Congratulations!! As you know, we run across situations, questions, and have ideas that we all need feedback on. Private Practice Mentoring is a great way to learn and grown the business of your private practice. We can help you grow and fill your practice.

We would love for you to join us!

Are you ready to see what you can do? Are you ready to explore your options and have help along the way? Dr. Baldwin is ready to be your mentor and help you through the process!