Where Do You Live?

I live at the office. I live on the golf course. I live at church. I live on the computer. I live in Tennessee. I live in my head. And there are so many more responses to this question that I’m sure you’ve heard or even said yourself. Have you ever really taken the time to think about the number of places that we “live” each day. Often we use this phrase as an active doing that we are living in – we use it as a verb. However, think about using it as a noun. A place, somewhere you intentionally go to be. A dwelling place. Not a place to do but a place to be – to exist – a place to stay. Most of these places or ideas that we choose to retreat to are the result of our attempts to find a resting place in a stressful world. Psalm 91 is a great reminder of how we need to deal with the stresses, fears, anxieties of life. Psalm 91 tells when we have God as our dwelling place then He provides protection. I was reminded of this at lunch this when a friend used the old adage “not under my roof”! The owner of the house provides the protection to those who choose to continue living there. It’s funny how we are often willing to think that way about our house, but we want God to protect us from this life while choosing to do things our own way. Psalm 91 verse 9 starts with “because” which tells us that protection is provided as a result of choosing to dwell with God. To be, exist, live, stay in Him. When you make God your dwelling place, then you are under his protection. Consider this week all the places that you would offer as an answer to “Where do you live?” and evaluate if you are choosing to dwell in that place instead of dwelling with the LORD.


Lord, thank you for making a way possible for me to dwell with you. Today I choose to leave behind the worldly places I live in each day and instead want to dwell with you. Amen.

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