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Some interesting articles and news for the day…including

– Helping kids deal with trauma

– Alcohol and the holidays

– Cycle of Leadership

…and more

I’ll share links and tidbits:



Six “T’s” for Helping Kids through Trauma

In light of recent events, many are looking for answers. This is a solid resource for talking to kids. • Togetherness • Touch & Tenderness • Talk • Truth • Triggers • Time


Many people know the basics of Josh McDowell’s story of growth from a skeptic to believer, but I didn’t know he grew up in an alcoholic home.


Keep a cork in it during the holidays

The holidays can be tempting in many ways. Although a lot of the focus is on the stress trigger, this article points out some of the social triggers that may be more prevalent as well.


Binge Eating

The article associates binge eating with deptession, obesity, and drug use. Also, it makes the following statement, “… is rooted in an inability to control one’s actions.”. Is that all it is or is there more to this problem?


A Sip? Drunk Minor? Not Ok

Early drunkenness is a risk factor for other behavioral problems. “A total of 80 percent had consumed alcohol by the age of 15. The average AFDrink was 12.94 years. The average AFDrunk, of those who had experienced drunkenness, was 13.18.” Talk to your pre-teens and be honest about the dangers/risks.


Cycle of Leadership

The basic premise of the article = “The successful leader will teach, speak and write about the leadership lessons they know and receive so that they can be part of the cycle of leadership.”


The 12 Best Biblical Counseling Books of 2012

The title is fairly self-explanatory. It seems to be a solid list.

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