Word of Mouth

You may have heard it said that “word of mouth” is the best advertising. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? It is simple really; we trust the opinions and insight of Word of Mouththose we trust. Imagine that! I can think of many times when I’ve asked people I trust for recommendations when I needed work done on my house, my car, medically, etc. I trust other people’s experiences. Even for less serious things like vacations. People come back from vacation and they talk about their experiences. It is fresh on their mind, they’re excited about it, and they want to share with the people in their lives. However, far too often we shy away from this same concept when it comes to sharing our faith. I know I do. Psalm 105 starts with three concepts: 1) give thanks…2)call upon his name…3)make known his deeds. As Christians we may find it easier to do the first two than the third. We are often too worried about what others will think and maybe we are afraid that they will no longer want to be friends with us. This is a lie from Satan. Very rarely are the people in our lives so shallow that with a genuine sharing of what is important to us would they refuse to be friends or talk to us. For example, how many times have you or I passed up the opportunity to talk about what we learned on a Sunday when on Monday someone asks how was your weekend? Do you answer that by telling them about what you did or what God did? Most of the time I’ve focused on what me and my family did rather than what God did through church or my small group. How about you? And folks, this is just one example. I challenge you to join me in answering that one question differently from now on! Start with this and I bet we will find many other opportunities to “make known his deeds”.



Lord, help me to put the focus on you and to share with others the joy of my salvation. Amen.




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