What is Going On Here?

Have you ever had a friend ask whether God really sees what is going on because if he did surely he would intervene? This can be a tough question because we are stuck in linear time constrained view of the world around us. It’s easy to forget that God is not restrained like we are. At the same time, it is easy to get frustrated when it seems that evil doers are getting away with their actions; that the wicked sometimes are even praised in this world. However, in Psalm 94:14 we see that God promises he will not leave or turn his back on his people. He calls us His heritage – His property – which He will take care of. This does not mean that this life will be perfect but it does mean that His timing is perfect. Remember He does not have the limited view of the world and the big picture of His plan that we have. We can only see the here and now but He has eternal vision. Psalm 94 is a great reminder of the struggles of this world combined with the promises of God. Lastly, let’s look at Psalm 94:22 because it tells us what our reaction to this world needs to be. It starts with “but”, meaning despite what is pointed out throughout the first part of this chapter – that the wicked prosper and seem to win – the second half of this verse is the contrast of knowing the truth about the LORD our God. He has become our refuge or shelter and our rock. God, in this difficult world and confusing timeline, is our secure foundation and a safe place to rest. The caution we need to take in this response to life, is that when we get rest it is for the purpose of being engaged in the great commission of leading people to God so that they can experience the same relationship with Him that we do. Rest is temporary so that we can reengage with God in His plan.


Lord, I am thankful that you know the full plan and that you have things under perfect control. I acknowledge and apologize that I get frustrated and question why things are not being done in a timeframe that I think would be best. Help me to trust your timing, and to respond by taking in rest in you as my refuge and rock. Amen!

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