Hello!?! Is Anyone There?

I can hear my wife saying “Does anyone hear me? Some days I don’t know why I talk!” Of course this is in reference to the kids not hearing what is being asked of them 🙂 (and of course nothing to do with me). Don’t we all feel like this sometimes? Interestingly we don’t expect God to be the one not listening to us. Truth be told it only feels that way because we do not understand His viewpoint, timing, and full plan! We only see from our limited perspective. Let’s take a look at this interaction at the end of Psalm 89.

In Psalm 89 we see a very authentic interaction but it’s then ending that caught my attention. I can think of times in my life when I’ve looked toward heaven and honestly asked God questions like:

  • How long, Lord? Are you paying attention? How long must I endure this? How long will these consequences last?
  • Are you hiding? I don’t hear you…are you there?
  • Are you angry and if so how long will this go on? I’ve asked for forgiveness but are you angry with me? The situation?
  • Who can live forever? I don’t know how long I can do this?
  • Who can deliver but you? How long will you be silent? No one else can deliver me but where are you?
  • Where is your love that I used to know? I know what it feels like to experience your love but where is that right now?
  • Hello!?! Remember what I’m going through down here? (I sense a little sarcasm here, which quite frankly I have used in my own conversations with God).

These questions are in this portion of the text and really, no answer is given. Sometimes it helps to say or write what is going on in our head just to get it out. However, do not end the conversation there. Notice in Psalm 89:52, the closing line, “Blessed be the LORD forever! Amen and Amen.” I believe that this was written with fervor, not a ho-hum attitude that I have unfortunately used at times but rather a whole-hearted, heartfelt, surrendering to His will. Oh that we would all have that attitude and response as part of our authentic conversations with God.

Lord, help me to be open and honest with you in a way that honors your place as Lord of my life! Amen.

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