Cloudy Vision? Check Your Perceptions.

A lot of times when we need help and talk to a wise friend what we learn is the result of the other person being able to see us and the situation from a different perspective.  This is what is called “reframing” the situation.  The best way to reframe any situation is discover the truth about ourselves and whatever we are going through.  Here are some signs that your perception is cloudy:


1.  “Everyone else is wrong”
This usually happens suddenly and we do not realize this is what we are thinking.  This usually comes out when we have discussed the issue or situation with several people and suddenly realize that they are all saying the same thing.  When we hear this and start thinking, “Well they just don’t get it” and the “they” are several trustworthy people then our perception just might be a little cloudy.  This type of thinking gets us into trouble because it means that we are totally dependent upon our own perceptions and senses, which are easily deceived. If you’re not sure how easily you are deceived then take a few minutes to watch any card trick or look up images about perceptions.


2.  You keep doing same thing but it still isn’t working
You may have heard the saying about the definition of insanity – “doing things over and over and expecting a different result” – but you may have taken for granted how often we do this. Any history buff could probably walk you through the scenarios of people and even countries repeating the same mistakes. The reality is that sometimes us humans aren’t too bright.  We repeat mistakes. However, I think that this is primarily due to our lack of proper perspective. Our perception of ourselves and the world around us is very skewed. We rely upon our own senses and a belief that we can see things clearly rather than seeking a help with our perceptions outside of ourselves.


3.  You’re breathing
Seriously! This is a human problem not a problem with you as an individual.  If anyone thinks their perceptions are perfect then they have been horribly deceived. This is also not a new problem. Look at Genesis 3 and you will see how easily deception occurs. Deception is simply the idea that another person or situation makes one believe something that is not true. This usually happens when we are looking to the wrong place to find the truth. This brings us to the last point.clo


4.  It doesn’t line up with Scripture
This sounds like a simple answer but first you need to know what scripture says. So if you are not reading it then you will have difficulty comparing life to it. Also many people have taken things out of context so as you compare your life situations to the Word of God be sure to read in context and discuss with other trustworthy believers.


Keeping cloudy vision under control is a difficult and constant battle.  We have to work at it because our fleshly tendency is to trust ourselves. Trusting self above all else is a dangerous way to live life. Keep up the hard work and check your perceptions often.

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