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  • Interview and Story from Local TV Station about Divorce Month

    Interview and Story from Local TV Station about Divorce Month

    Mark Baldwin was interviewed as part of a story by local TV station, WBBJ, for their story about January being the month when the most divorce filings occur. "Baldwin said to avoid going to the divorce attorneys use the new year to make a new marriage. "They can reconcile. They can begin to make a new commitment to make individual changes and changes as a couple," said Baldwin." -  from article National Divorce Month by Tiffany Neely
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    Some interesting articles and news for the day...including - Helping kids deal with trauma - Alcohol and the holidays - Cycle of Leadership ...and more I'll share links and tidbits:     Six “T’s” for Helping Kids through Trauma In light of recent events, many are looking for answers. This is a solid resource for talking to kids. • Togetherness • Touch & Tenderness • Talk • Truth • Triggers • Time Undaunted Many people know the basics of Josh McDowell’s story of growth from a ...
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