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Welcome to articles written by and for Christian Counselors. We hope that these articles will encourage and equip you to help yourself and others that you may work with! Please give us your feedback and suggestions on these Christian counseling resources.

  • The Road Ahead and the Past Behind

    Have you ever thought about the function and benefit of a rearview mirror? There have been many times when I was driving ...
  • Let Go or Redeem?

    Sometimes when a client has negative thoughts and emotions aimed at an individual in their life, therapists will have the person write ...
  • Emotions


    Having trouble controlling your emotions?  Don't worry it's more common than you think.  Take some time to evaluate what you believe and ...
  • We want to hear your story!

    Serenity Prayer - Full Length

    Many people have heard of the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things ...
  • Resolving Marital Conflict

    Married couples fight.  The real question is how well do you argue? Not, can you win the argument but rather how well ...
  • Interview and Story from Local TV Station about Divorce Month

    Interview and Story from Local TV Station about Divorce Month

    Mark Baldwin was interviewed as part of a story by local TV station, WBBJ, for their story about January being the month ...
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