Please note: the schedule automatically sets the appointment for 30 minutes but please be prepared to stay longer as most sessions are 40 minutes.

  • To schedule a Saturday appointment with Rosalind call or text 731-215-0502 (online scheduling coming soon!)

If scheduling an appointment for a minor, please use the parents date of birth and note the child’s date of birth in the “reason for visit” section.

Regular Hours:
Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm

Extended hours:
Tuesday and Thursday until 7pm
Saturdays 9am – 3pm

(Click the arrows to the right or left of the date (< or >) to see additional dates/times)

If you are having trouble viewing the schedule it schedule is also available at Schedule For LifeWorks Resources

Email LifeWorks Resources Counseling Appointment


Office Location:
Neely House
575 South Royal Street, Suite 24
Jackson TN 38301

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  1. I am having a lot of issues lately and didn’t know if maybe I should turn here. Depression, pills, bipolar disorder, autistic son, just a lot going on. I need a late afternoon appointment if at all possible so I don’t have to miss work. Thanks.

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