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This is a place to be encouraged, grow personally, and reach your goals!! We strive to provide a community of resources, services (including Christian Counseling in Jackson TN), and networking in an effort to help you through your journey of discovering how LifeWorks. At LifeWorks Resources we believe that we all need help staying focused on the correct heading and that the Bible is our compass for finding that direction. Here we, along with the community members of this site, seek to encourage and challenge one another so that we can improve personally and professionally in ways that are consistent with a Biblical Worldview. Our primary service is Christian Counseling in Jackson, TN and we are interested in hearing your story and helping you reach your goals. We believe that counseling starts by meeting you where you are and empowering you to move forward in personal growth. Sometimes despite our best efforts we all need help and that is why we offer counseling to assist you along the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information if you or someone you know needs counseling. You can find out more about these services or schedule your appointment here: www.lifeworksresources.com/counseling

Here you will find devotions written by the LifeWorks Resources staff. These devotions are designed to challenge and encourge in a practical ways. The point is to help explore the practical ways that LifeWorks according to Biblical principles. We believe that when we encounter God and His truth that we should walk away thinking and doing life differently than before. We hope that these devotions will help you along that journey. Feel free to comment and encourage others as they run the race that is this life.
We hope that you find these resources encouraging and challenging. Here you can find resources ranging from Personal Growth, Counseling, Leadership, and much much more! Our aim is to provide materials that you can use personally and professional. Please give us feedback and ideas. Also, use this area as a way to interact with each other through dialogue on the various articles. Enjoy!
We have developed resources to help you help yourself and be an encouragement to those around you. This is an ever growing resource library focused on Biblical resources and products.

I have been encouraged tremendously over the years, especially through the devotions!